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Greetings, new readers!

This is a back-dated post (yes, LiveJournal allows one to back-date to the future! No paradoxe is too strong for LJ!) for anyone coming by and wondering what this journal is about.

Simply put, what you will find here is writing. I write two serials, and participate every year in National Novel Writing Month. Almost everything I write finds its way here eventually.

If you're interested in reading my work (and I assume you are, since you're here), you may wish to start at the beginning instead of reading the posts in reverse chronological order, which is also an order that makes very little sense as stories (especially the serials) are not always posted as discrete entities unto themselves.

I have therefore linked all the serial instalments and book chapters in the Memories section of this journal. The URL for the whole shebang is this: http://www.livejournal.com/tools/memories.bml?user=secret_history

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Feedback is welcome and can be left in comments or sent by email. I actually prefer comments (non-LiveJournal users be warned that LJ sometimes eats anonymous comments without warning), so that I can keep all my writing-related stuff in one place, but I'm not all that fussy about it.

I hope you enjoy your time on this modest page, and look forward to hearing from you.

Yours truly,



Dear new and returning readers,

I have created a website (with LOTS of help from the lovely and talented joane) to house my writing in a more structured and organized fashion. You will now find the majority of my prose (and occasional poetry) at Midnight Crossroads. Everything that I have posted here at secret_history will remain here for posterity, but the vast majority of new material will appear on the new website. I will update here periodically, but it will be primarily to give updates on what's happening at the other website.

Thanks for your understanding!

Because I can...

I found a new wordcount meter!

4471 / 50000 words. 9% done!

The goal for today is 5,000 words, which should at the very least help me to finish this scene.

I also have to go vote in a moment. Fleh.

November 15th, 07:32

It's my day off today, so hopefully there will be a few updates. Bear in mind that I am writing really fast and not editing, so there will be mistakes and poorly-constructed sentences. Bear with me, this is NaNo. ;)

November 15th, 07:32Collapse )


November 15th, 07:23

Hola, faithful readers!

This is the first chapter in the sequel to Crisse, des zombies!, currently titled, Crisse, encore des zombies!

Have fun!

November 15th, 07:23Collapse )


The triumphant return!

Hola, dear readers!

I know you missed me, even though you all know that the serials are being posted at Midnight Crossroads.

That being said, I am once again taking part in NaNoWriMo this year, and I am pleased to announce that this year is the year I write the sequel to Crisse, des Zombies (Zombie Crisis!, better known to readers of this LJ as Afternoon Snack of the Living Dead.

I'm not sure that I ever posted the end of the novel here, but there *is* and ending, and thus I feel perfectly justified in writing a sequel.

I will also, like last time, be publishing the work in progress here. Like before, it will be super-extra rough, because it'll be part of the NaNo process. Unlike the last time, I doubt it will be as long, because I'm not unemployed this year. So I may not get as far in the process as I did in 2006. Still, I am looking forward to writing it, and I hope you enjoy November as much as I plan to. :)

Happy trails!


A reminder

Hola, faithful readers!

This is a quick reminder that most of my writing, including the serials, starting from Chapter 1, can now be found at Midnight Crossroads.

Don't forget to tune in there!